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Nancy Oakley – Ethics Violation

Official Documents on Nancy Oakley’s Ethic Violation: 17013 Order to Investigate  17013 Report of Investigation  17013 Order Finding Probable Cause  17013 Order Finding Probable Cause From Shane Crawford: Since the election of Nancy Oakley, John Douthirt, and Mayor Maggie Black, I have maintained the high road and highest ethical behavior. Commissioner Nancy Oakley has been found with probable cause of

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Madeira officials violated former rec director’s civil rights, attorney says

Here is another HUGE reason to RECALL commissioners Oakley & Douthirt on April 17th. More embarrassment to our City. The firing of Recreation Department head Doug Andrews has now caused yet another lawsuit.   “They” or “concerned citizen” claims that the old regime used “slush funds”….  I guess their “slush fund” is attorney fees. The article points out how Commissioner Oakley mis-treated

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