Nancy Oakley – Ethics Violation

Official Documents on Nancy Oakley’s Ethic Violation:

17013 Order to Investigate 

17013 Report of Investigation 

17013 Order Finding Probable Cause 

17013 Order Finding Probable Cause

From Shane Crawford:

Since the election of Nancy Oakley, John Douthirt, and Mayor Maggie Black, I have maintained the high road and highest ethical behavior.

Commissioner Nancy Oakley has been found with probable cause of advancing unwanted sexual advances on me when I was the Madeira Beach City Manager and she was a city commissioner.

The City of Madeira Beach now knows what it’s like to have leaders of no ethical measure and needs a complete culture change to return to a solid platform.

Nancy Oakley motioned and voted for my termination along with my wife’s termination while having an obvious conflict of interest as this ethics violation was pending.

Nancy Oakley’s supporters including the Mayor and John Douthirt now have to take action.  Do they continue their marriage to a predator or do they do the right thing and take action?

Nancy Oakley, just like anyone else, as to take responsibility for her actions and her actions at the time of the violation up to the obvious conflict of interest she had when voting to terminate me and my wife shows the rock bottom level of ethical conscience she and her supporters have.

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