RECALL Continues

Quick update on the RECALL.  We are still gathering signatures … almost there.

Stop by and see Michelle at Rick’s Rods (next to 7-11) between Noon and 6pm and sign the petition there.  She also has all the info you need if you have any questions.

Here are a few topics we keep getting questions on:

  1. YES, the RECALL is happening … the final vote will be at the March Election.
  2. YES, Commissioner Oakley is still under review for ethics violations. It has not been dropped.
  3. YES, You should sign the petition and let them know you are done with their bullying tactics and bad decisions.


We want to keep EVENTS in town
We want our taxes to lower … not raised due to lawsuits created by our new commission
We want to stop being embarrassed in the news
We want a transparent and fair commission that has our city’s best interest at heart

Any questions or want to join in on the RECALL – Contact Robert Preston (Cell: 727-212-2221)

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