RECALL Nancy Oakley & John Douthirt

What are they doing?

  • Short sighted decisions!
  • Fired City Manager without cause and still no replacement in sight 8 months later
  • Spend City dollars for a champagne toast to celebrate Hurricane Irma when half the city was still without power
  • Budget Director, whose position was filled by violating the City Charter, committed over $20,000 of City’s funds for an item not budgeted. This is a direct violation of the Charter, only commissioners have the lawful right to do so by vote.  Mayor Black, Commissioner’s Oakley & Douthirt would not comment on the violation.
  • Oppose events at the City’s ROC Park that raises revenue for the city.
  • Hired a city Attorney that works from their car/home with no secretary.
  • Decisions at Commission meeting are foregone conclusions. Based on agreements made outside of meetings, which are sunshine violations.
  • Commission meetings without proper notice.

What do we get?

  • No Direction
  • Commission meetings in chaos.
  • Property values & local businesses suffer.
  • Lost revenue and higher taxes.
  • More law suites effected the City’s budget.

Put and end to the madness.  Sign the PETITION that your friends, neighbors and fellow residents are circulating when they come to your door OR CALL: 727-212-2221

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