Are you disappointed in our “new” commissioners? We are.

Join our team, one that works together and looks after our City.
Our new commissioners have violated our charter multiple times,
violated the Sunshine laws, are incompetent and have questionable ethics.

We need Commissioners that will provide us with:

  • responsible spending ( no just slashing budgets for no good reason)
  • true transparency (no secret meetings)
  • community events & programs
  • maintain low taxes

Let’s get our city back to a family friendly cohesive city again.


Following charter policies is their biggest flaw. They have not taken the time to learn how our City works and how it effects its citizens. Their mistakes have cost us tax payer dollars. Lawsuits and settlements are at an all time high.

Lack of leadership. We have no city manager, no city clerk and have filled the finance director position with a very flawed candidate, which was not theirs to fill. They have created chaos in the work place, most employees fear for their jobs.

Commissioner Oakley has pending ethics violations and history of bad public behavior.

They allowed the Recreation Manager, Doug Andrews, to be fired. Doug has moved our city forward and was fired for his efforts. He increased revenue at the rec center to keep it operating to full capacity. He brought fine sporting events to our city, NCAA Woman’s Softball, built the little league program and help fund the park with sponsors and through outside events. So fire him?

Enjoy our community park events, concerts, boat parades and fun in Johns’ Pass? Well, not next fiscal year. The new commissioners want nothing to with any of that. There will be little to no budget for events. Any event left in town will be subject to crazy rental rates. Most will just find a new venue.

They fired Shane Crawford. This is just a plain bad decision. He was responsible for getting millions of dollars in State and Federal grants to better our city. He worked tirelessly on cleaning up our town and increasing our property values.


Be on the look out for your neighbors, registered voters of this city, out collecting signatures and locally owned business owners with walk in sites.

Stop the madness and SIGN the RECALL petition!

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