Workshop RECAP 5/23

Another “Beautiful day in Madeira Beach” ….. NOT.

We sat through another 3 hour mess.  We started out the meeting with attorney Trask asking to table the discussion on Mr. Crawford’s suspension.  Why? DEATH THREATS. (see the times article on this – click here)  It is sad that political differences can spur on violence.

Onto the rest of the meeting…. We thought it would be good to go through each item to give a brief statement on each item good or bad.
(link to City Agenda for the workshop)
(link for agenda packet / supporting documents for each item)

Item 2: Appointment to the Big C
If you do not know what the BIG C is, well it is an important  governmental council that is made up of eleven municipalities residing on the west coast of Florida, from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater. It is formed so there is one unified voice representing the beaches to the county, state and federal governments. (Big C website)  The mayor DID step up and take the position. Finally a win for Maggi.

Item 3: Creating Committees (Bid, Budget, Charter Review and Solar Energy)
I guess we need more work to do our work. Commissioner Oakley wants committees. It was decided to have 5 people to each committee with at least 1 from each district.  Two thoughts on this: Slow the process for reform and who appoints the committees?

Item 4: Welcome Signs
This item was an actual business item.  There is 15K already allocated to get this project done. Renderings will be submitted by next meeting.

Item 5: City Clerk Salary
This was to determine what to pay our interim city clerk.  This will be voted on in the BOC meeting looking to increase his salary by $5K.  (personally – not enough to deal with what they are dishing out)

Item 6: City Clerk Job
This is where is got pretty interesting … or disgusting in my eyes. They want to put together a job listing to hire a new City Clerk.  Guess what? Yep, the new 3 council members suddenly have a change of heart and think that certification is not needed. This was the main reason for firing the last clerk.  The case for the lawyers against the city just got better. Commissioner Lister spoke out against this and vetoed it.

Item 7: City Attorney’s Contract
It was pretty sad to watch and listen to Mr. Trask inform the council that he will not offer up a new contract to be the city attorney. He made note that he grew up in Madeira, in fact caught mullet behind the city building as a kid, and all he ever wanted to do was to work and represent the city he loves.  He was all but forced out by the new council members. He did make sure his firm will stay on until new council has been found. Again, the new council has NO REGARD for people and their service to the city. They are bullies and do not care what their actions will bring to the city and the residents.

Item 8: Appointing an Acting City Manager
The new council has asked the Fire Chief to add on to his work load.  They did not discuss extra compensation or length of time he would serve. This topic rose series questions on the suspension of existing City Manager Shane Crawford.

The public response was amazing.  Randy Dukes asked some great questions: Why was Shane fired when he has a perfect review for the past 5 years; Why is Commissioner Oakley allowed to vote on this matter when she has a pending violation against her from Shane for LICKING him. Next up was John Hendricks, he brought evidence of collusion and breaking the Sunshine Law with a very incriminating e-mail. He also gave us a history lesson of the last time Commissioner Oakley cleaned house and the effects of it.

Item 9: Budget Calendar
They have decided they need to make a calendar to keep on track for the September deadline that Tallahassee enforces.  Walter Pierce was appointed by the commission to be the budget directer.  It is the job of the city manager to hire a Finance Director, whom would normally handle this task.  Since they can not hire employees per the charter they worked around this. His salary – $90,000.

Item 10: City Financial Institution Account Access
Secondary item to the hiring of a budget director. Walter Pierce needs access to the checkbook.

Item 11: Contract approval and procurement authority
You guessed it! Walter Pierce needs to be able to approve and procure contracts to keep this city running. Sounds like the commission just hired a finance director?? This is a violation to charter. It could come with backlash for the community.

Item 12: State appropriations for Ball Field Lighting
Before Shane was fired, both he and Doug Andrews lobbied for a grant to get new Ball Field lighting.  Guess what, they got $200,000. New lights will go up and not at the residents expense. Good work boys!

Item 13: Events at the Recreation Complex
Doug Andrews is working on a proposal to keep the events coming in.  He asked for criteria for what they were looking for and how the approval process will work.  Currently the city has a fee schedule in place only, nothing in place to waive fees or amend them.  The new Commissioner Douthirt hadn’t done his homework on this and said he need to know what the fees are what they are for. He complained that no one told him (kinda like a 2 year old plea) and could someone help him figure out how to get a copy to look at.

Item 14: Workout Facility
This is such a joke! The new commissioners mainly “nasty” Nancy ran them out of town. The new commission didn’t do their homework once again.  They turned the workout facility into a deficit in 1 month.  The gym had paid rent monthly and maintained the equipment and insurance. Now, guess what, the residents are getting the liability.  Nancy never thought about the impact and cost of opening up the gym would have.  They discussed charging a fee to residents for use …. WOW or even just disassembling it and making a empty room.

Item 15: Pump out Boat
Well, this topic raises serious heat. The famous pump out boat or shall I say TOY for the boys was discussed AGAIN.   The city has been working on this plan for over 2 years, there is already a budget in place and a grant. Kill this now, Why?

The pump out boat is to help aid in cleaning up our waterways.  Even if it comes to as an expense to the city, don’t you want your children to swim in clean waters? The cost of the boat is $108,000 and the grant covers $81,000 of it.  The commission asked Dave Marsicano to get a complete  business plan/proposal together for them to review before they would go any further.  This comes at a risk of losing the grant which is time sensitive.

Item 16: Vehicle Replacement Plan
AGAIN we have to discuss this for the 5th time and is a complete waste of everyone’s time.  It is sheerly a ploy to show power. This vehicle has already been bid out, voted on and all it needs is a final blessing. Mayor Maggi actually questioned the need for new vehicle for the Fire Department.  Her 10 year old car will does just fine, theirs should too. Nevermind the life safety issue at hand …. I’d hate it if the car wouldn’t start when I needed them to get to me fast.

Item 17: Fire Inspector
(honestly … took a breather on this one. Not sure what was discussed)
The crowd was mostly gone by this time … Just worn out.

Item 18: Ordinance 2017-6
Tabled for later discussion


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