Did you know?

  • Commissioner Oakley made unwanted advances on City Manager Shane Crawford including inappropriate touching and LICKING his face.  His assistant at the time, Cheryl Rodde, advised Commissioner Oakley she was acting inappropriate and subsequently Nancy tried to punch her. Could this be the reason for her recent tirade to terminate her current position??
  • 2014 – Commissioner Oakley was charged with Petit Theft.
  • June of 2014 … City of Clearwater wrote her up for poor work performance over a half dozen times.
  • July of 2014 …. City of Clearwater suspended her for a day without pay and then the same day Commissioner Oakley resigned  before further disciplinary measures could be taken. Clearwater Documents
  • April 2017 …. Commissioner Oakley participated in a US Postal mail hoax in which the son-in-law of the late Ms. Patricia Shontz was impersonated via a letter complaining of inappropriate actions taken by Shane Crawford as Ms. Shontz’s power of attorney.  Mail Hoax Documents
  • April 2017…. Last weekend, video was taken of Commissioner Oakley in an inebriated state at the King of the Beach event where firefighters asked her to remove her food from the hood of the rescue vehicle  as she hunted for her lighter and cigarettes.
  • Commission Oakley was pulled over for drunk driving … she got it amended to reckless driving. Arrest Records


Do you see the patterns on behavior and drunkenness?

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